Physical Education

Welcome to our physical education collection. These are approved items for PE class at INDY.

All students must wear either the approved PE shorts OR the INDY wear sweatpants with logo for cooler months on PE days. * Please visit our Youth & Adult tabs to shop PE approved sweatpants/sweatshirts.

The approved PE shirt or any INDY wear shirts are acceptable to wear on PE days.

INDY sweatshirts and INDY hoodies are acceptable to wear over t-shirts on cool days. 

Athletic wear that is not included in the above description is not permitted in school (unless it is a dress down day). Students wearing unapproved athletic wear will be considered in violation of the dress code.  

Physical Education Uniforms are required for students in grades 5-8, and it is recommended that students have at least two sets of uniforms/approved apparel.